In today’s telecommunications industry, the biggest challenge is to continuously meet the demand for faster data and voice connections, more applications and a better customer experience. For telcos, this often requires digital transformation.

Across the globe, telco companies are starting their transformation with commerce. As they modernize their architecture, they are slowly fading out legacy eCommerce solutions like Oracle ATG and are using a modern MACH architecture (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) to move their business forward.


Customer Data is Critical Across the Telco Organization

It is not uncommon for traditional telco businesses to run different applications for different departments such as the online retail shop or the call center. However, when data cannot travel freely between teams, daily operations become challenging – decreasing the quality of the customer experience and slowing down business development.

A major advantage of using the commercetools platform is it’s centralized, cloud-native architecture with flexible APIs that enable IT to exchange information seamlessly with all other departments. This helps not only to minimize siloed information and consolidate customer data, but it also reduces the time it takes to update business processes or make changes to production – providing a faster, more reliable customer experience and maximizing return.

Telco eCommerce Customer Data
Telco eCommerce Competitive Edge

Gain a Competitive Edge with Agile Commerce

Over the years, competition for brand recognition and price on the consumer has grown steadily in the telecommunications industry, and premium services like extra security and video conferencing have also evolved.

commercetools has been powering the world’s most sophisticated global enterprises and the Fortune 500 with a commerce platform that rivals that of Amazon and Zalando. For telco companies, the ability to iterate in hours or days vs weeks and months means faster response time to consumer trends and first-to-market rollout for innovative promotions and campaigns.

Keep Pace with Evolving Telco Customer Expectations

Buyers of phones, plans and services in the telco market want a seamless experience regardless of which touch point they are using, but many CSPs face technological hurdles connecting all the different channels, products and services they offer.

What’s also changed is the way consumers use their mobile devices to access different kinds of multimedia applications, like video. In order to enjoy high-res streaming, speedier data connectivity is required. Meeting people’s needs for faster and better connections requires significant capital expenditures.

Using commercetools’ modern API-based headless architecture, brands can build the exact functions and features their customers want on every device while still having the freedom to focus on delivering a great customer experience.

Telco eCommerce Customer Expectations
Telco eCommerce Get Started Quickly

Extending the Traditional Telco Business Model

Communication Service Providers sell so many products and services through so many different channels that they need to easily be able to leverage their platform to build new business models for their audience. For example, if CSPs are offering mobile data plans as well as satellite TV, they need a way to integrate those and provide cross-selling options to their customers.

The commercetools Merchant Center, is a centralized application where companies can manage every aspect of their project in one place. For example, they can create segments and channels with unique pricing, while sharing a unified product catalog.

Migration from Monolith to MACH

Many CSPs are using an outdated software ecosystem, where the server structure requires a lot of resources to keep up and running, as well as the solutions themselves. Over time, these heterogeneous IT ecosystems become unstable and often can’t handle peaks during holiday seasons, let alone regular surges in traffic.

What commercetools offers is a flexible MACH architecture, which enables faster development and the agility to introduce new products and services to the market in sync with consumer demand – all of which reduces costs and time.

For companies that are more digitally advanced and wish to build a best-of-breed solution using an API-first approach, visit the commercetools Integration Marketplace and browse all our third-party extensions and integrations.

Telco eCommerce platform migration


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