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Stands in Milan published

Awesome and perfect service! Until the very end they help me with the stand at the trade show. They are a young and smart team that always is looking to improve the service and give the best quality to the client.
Leona, Particular

Stands in Mexico City published

When we decided to expose abroad you run a great risk in finding a supplier that meets the needs of the company and at an acceptable price, however thanks to the service provided it became very easy for me to find a stand builder in the city of Mexico. Now for more international fairs we already know how and with whom to apply. Thank you so much.
Daniel Bazán, Exhibitor

Stands in Cartagena published

Excellent, especially when you come from abroad and have no idea which hotel to stay in, when you don't know what costs, or the rules of each country. They were very helpful in finding the best suppliers for the design and construction of stand, in addition they sent different types of design until they reached the colors and material that adhered to our needs. They were always patient in communicating and showed a unique professionalism. It is the solution for participation in international fairs in any city in the world.
Christian López, Agencia

Stands in Quito published

A correct analysis of the need and construction according to the expectations of my company. They have been very helpful in publicizing the new Lines of Pintulac.
Diego Grijalva, Exhibitor

Stands in London published

A soon as we booked the space I was super nervous because I was not sure how to get any supplier. In 1 min I fill the request, then I received proposals, sign contract and that´s it. They built my perfect stand...incredible service. Cheers!
Maria Conde, Exhibitor

Stands in New Delhi published

Thanks for such very good options, I´m happy about being working together, you helped us a lot in order to find a supplier that meets my expectation and really focus and identify with the brand.
K Jayachandran, Exhibitor

Stands in Bologna published

Well done!!!! Amazing design meets my expectations, I will recommend to my friends. I really liked how you guys worry about the design, the times, the venue and every single detail that for me was impossible to handle.
Andy Mason, Proeveedor de stands

Stands in Quito published

Thank you for your kind help and continued support for my fair.
Diego Grijalva, Exhibitor

Stands in Berlin published

Thanks for all the dear team!! Your service was such amazing, it meets my expectations and more...I will recommend to everyone for sure.
Flavio Francisco Dezan, Exhibitor

Stands in Hannover published

From the beginning we had an idea of how we wanted the stand. We spoke to several suppliers, they sent us designs and prices. It is very useful to have different quotes because they allow you to choose the best supplier. Thank you.
antoni olivieri, Exhibitor

Stands in Curitiba published

A real pleasure in working with neventum.
Marcos Hino, Exhibitor

Stands in Valencia published

An unforgettable stand in this exhibition. Today Valencia, then Las Vegas and even Sydney I can rely on the stand builders you recommend. Always recommended.
Mercedes Gómez Barrios, Exhibitor

Stands in Cologne published

Thanks to your team! Now I'm available to select a supplier by comparing prices, designs and more... you rock.
Ian Townsend, Exhibitor

Stands in Moscow published

Super proud for working together
Mohammad Heidari, Proeveedor de stands

Stands in Monterrey published

A 100% recommended company, the customer service and the speed with which they present to the builders of stands is magnificent.
marilu lopez, Particular