commercetools Merchant Center

The commercetools Merchant Center helps you handle your most critical data and processes while keeping up with changing market conditions. Its intuitive user interface lets you manage product data, orders, and customer data for all retail channels. Additional functions, such as configurable forms and batch processing, help you to quickly and easily complete your daily tasks.

Manage Complex Catalogs

commercetools has an advanced Product Information Management (PIM) already built in natively – no installation or integration required! Simply log into our web app and take control of your catalog data, add new attributes, bulk edit variants and maintain all of your retail channels.

Merchant Center Product Review

Product Information Management (PIM)

Manage products, categories, rich media and all other aspects of your product catalog. From bulk edits to machine learning-based data quality validation, our Merchant Center will quickly become your merchandisers’ preferred tool for managing product-related data.

Merchant Center Customers

Customer Management

Manage all your customers’ data in one easy-to-use interface. From customer profiles to customer segmentation, to order management, our Merchant Center offers your customer service representatives the tools they need to give your customers the highest level of service.

Merchant Center Discounts


Use our industry-leading promotion builder interface to model complex product/cart-level discounts and coupon codes. If you can think of it, our discount engine can support it. Rules can be exported in a friendly text-based format, allowing for templatized discounts to be quickly created.

Merchant Center Info Flyer

Merchant Center Info Flyer

Handle most critical data and processes while keeping up with changing market conditions.


Feature Guide

commercetools Feature Guide

What’s in the box? – Download our comprehensive feature guide.