05.08.21, CIO

How Boohoo's CIO manages innovation, supply chain woes and M&A

From consolidating the tech stack, to supporting M&A and leading an internal change programme in the wake of supply chain controversy, Boohoo CIO Jo Graham sees innovation as part of the day job.

01.08.21, Retail Merchandiser

IMPROVED EXPERIENCE – How can manufacturers benefit from a direct-to-consumer strategy after the pandemic?

As we move out of lockdown, there are other hazards to weather, such as inflation and ongoing supply chain disruptions. Moving forward, manufacturers which have managed to capture customer spend through D2C will find they have greater control over costs, delivery and their ability to adapt to changing customer needs in the midst of much economic uncertainty.

23.07.21, eCommerce News Australia

Video: 10 Minute IT Jams - Who is commercetools?

Techday's 10 Minute IT Jams provide sharp, to-the-point insights into emerging and established technology companies that operate in the Asia-Pacific region. What is MACH, and what does commercetools offer? To find out, we chatted to commercetools territory director Joshua Emblin and account executive Sophie Stephanetti.

15.07.21, Amazon Web Services

Headless Commerce: What Is It and Why Does It Matter to CPGs?

Add this one to your buzzword bingo card for 2021: headless commerce. It’s a hot topic! But what is it, and why does it matter? In this blog post, I’ll unpack one of the most discussed and least understood new terms in eCommerce. When CPG leaders and technology teams understand headless commerce, they can start building a strategy to implement an architecture.

15.07.21, Computer Weekly

The ephemeral stack – commercetools: Why GraphQL is the 'glue' for composability

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network written by Kelly Goetsch in his role as chief product officer at commercetools — a cloud-based headless commerce platform that provides APIs to power e-commerce sales and similar functions for large businesses.

13.07.21, WhaTech

Overcoming the commerce possibilities chasm™ with headless commerce and MACH architecture

Digital transformation has become somewhat of a buzzword in recent years, but merely possessing knowledge about the latest tech stacks and applications, does not mean effective management and implementation of them.

07.07.21, eCommerce News Australia

commercetools explores the realities of the 'commerce possibilities chasm'

When commercetools recently hosted Modern Commerce Day last month, the event brought together some of the world’s biggest brands like Audi, Mars, Boohoo.com, and LEGO to discuss how state-of-the-art commerce technology helps them to innovate and grow.

30.06.21, Ecommerce Age

Live Shopping: How can retailers capture youth spend?

Online retailers need to watch the changing face of digital commerce and tune in on shopping trends emerging with the “TikTok Generation”, digital-first consumers who were born with their fingers on the digital pulse. In 2021, live shopping is the trend to watch among those to have grown up with real-time interactions from Instagram and TikTok.

30.06.21, Financial Review

The concept transforming eCommerce

Retail software is undergoing a revolution after global research houses Gartner and Forrester backed ‘headless commerce’ to bring down software costs and accelerate innovation. Forrester says headless commerce is rapidly replacing legacy technology, particularly after COVID-19 disruptions widened the gap in tech between digitally advanced firms and raw beginners.

30.06.21, diginomica

LEGO moves to headless eCommerce to improve customer experience

LEGO needed to update its monolithic eCommerce system in order to keep up with online demand. LEGO has undergone a huge change programme, moving to a MACH (microservices, API-led, cloud-based, headless) platform with vendor commercetools.

21.06.21, Retail Drive

Enabling limitless commerce possibilities for your enterprise

As consumers embrace online shopping as part of daily life, all companies are trying to figure out how to take advantage of the rise in digital commerce. Many enterprises are struggling, however, because of the constraints of their rigid legacy commerce platforms.

17.06.21, Appliance Retailer

Why final mile delivery is critical

Final mile has become a key part of the customer journey and shoppers will begin to forgive other aspects of the experience if they receive a product at their desired time, according to commercetools Australia and New Zealand territory director, Joshua Emblin.


03.06.21, EMERCE

How headless commerce allows Danone to scale its D2C strategy

Danone wanted to further strengthen the relationship with its customers and therefore rolled out a D2C strategy. The biggest challenges were not so much in the technology, but in the traditional core activities.


20.05.21, Power Retail

Soon You’ll Be Able To Shop During Your Workout: How Headless Checkout Is Making Shopping Possible Everywhere

Forbes sat down with Yvan Boisjoli, CEO and Co-Founder of Bold Commerce, to talk about how retailers are adapting to the onslaught of change and to learn out once and for all what headless commerce is. Bold Commerce recently partnered with headless commerce leader commercetools to progress its ‘anywhere commerce’ mission.

Power Retail Logo

06.05.21, Power Retail

The Digital Era is Here to Stay – Will You Lag or Lead It?

While in lockdown, many businesses had to face the music and radically change the way they operated. This, in turn, has driven a wedge between the leaders and the laggards in the age of disruption.

20.04.21, Appliance Retailer

Breville delivers new commerce solution

After relying on the same commerce platform since 2007, Breville recognised the need to create a one-stop-shop omnichannel customer experience. In early 2021, Breville partnered with commercetools to re-platform its online store to address changing customer needs and to prepare for the post-Covid digital era.

08.04.21, Inside Retail

Here’s why Kmart, Koala and Comvita are all using headless commerce

Kmart, Koala and Comvita are just some of the leading retailers that have switched to a headless commerce approach in their eCommerce businesses in recent years, and they won’t be the last. Many experts believe headless commerce is the future of retail because it enables businesses to be extremely flexible and agile.

LOGO_DW Digitalisation World

16.03.21, Digitalisation World

Out with the old, in with the MACH

Companies are changing the way they think about IT infrastructure. They're finding the so-called update treadmill has exhausted too many resources and stripped them from control of their own product roadmaps. There is a better way forward, and that better way is MACH.

LOGO_Australian Manufacturing

09.03.21, Australian Manufacturing

To gain speed in the new normal, Australian manufacturers must be forward-thinkers

As online sellers become more sophisticated in their marketing strategies, the market competition in the marketing sector is becoming increasingly unforgiving to slow adapters. As the adage goes: failing to plan is planning to fail.


09.03.21, MKSE.com

LEGO survived 2020 with the headless eCommerce and D2C Strategy from commercetools

Lego has continued its global investment in headless and a more decoupled CX and digital environment for 2021. In time for the pandemic, Lego has show better numbers and, in a global D2C fashion, can sell directly to customers thanks to its new commercetools based eCommerce.

LOGO_Australian Manufacturing

16.02.21, Australian Manufacturing

To reinvent the wheel amidst a crisis, Australian manufacturers must go direct-to-consumer

Initiating a D2C strategy takes effort, but the results should be rewarding, to say the least. In these uncertain times, reinventing the wheel can help you futureproof your B2B manufacturing business. By looking forward to opportunities to innovate, you are tapping into recurring revenue that will help you survive and thrive.

LOGO_Australian Manufacturing

27.01.21, Australian Manufacturing

To seize post-pandemic opportunities, Australian manufacturers must look at going ‘headless’

The recent signing of the RCEP trade agreement is a true win for Australian manufacturers – particularly as we emerge from the pandemic. As Aussie manufacturers increasingly go direct to consumers, they’re looking more closely at the types of services they could offer as part of new go-to market strategies and revenue opportunities.


22.01.21, CMSWire

MACH Architecture: What It Is, Why You Should Know It

According to Gartner, one of the key strategic technology trends for 2021 will be the combination of “multi-experience, customer experience, employee experience and user experience” into a total experience meant to transform business outcomes. This new approach is called “MACH”.


12.01.21, Forbes

In the pandemic-fueled rush to perfect digital commerce, some technology has risen, and some has faltered

To explore how digital readiness and having the right technology in place has helped companies rise while others have faltered during the pandemic, I spoke with Mr Kelly Goetsch, president of the MACH Alliance, which launched in June of last year.


24.11.20, Sifted

European tech companies are beating Amazon at its own game

In addition to all the warehouse and delivery robots, what retailers need to keep up with Amazon is better software. Fifteen years ago moving to eCommerce meant just building a webstore and making sure it had some good SEO, says Dirk Hoerig, cofounder and chief executive of commercetools, a German eCommerce software company.


15.12.20, Glossy

How Harry Rosen built a personalized digital experience during the pandemic

Nearly two-thirds of Harry Rosen’s customers have been loyal shoppers. The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 may have changed that forever. With lockdowns, the pandemic could have put the retailer out of business. Instead, it prompted Harry Rosen to accelerate its digital transformation plans.

Digital Commerce 360

02.12.20, Digital Commerce 360

Dawn Foods whips up a commerce recipe for going digital

When Dawn Foods baked up a new plan to lure offline customers to the benefits of eCommerce, it deployed a “composable” and agile platform designed to meet their specific purchasing needs. Many customers quickly came aboard, and many asked, “What took you so long?”


01.12.20, CBInsights

Retail Tech 100: The Tech Innovators Transforming Retail

The Retail Tech 100 is CB Insights' annual ranking of the 100 most promising B2B retail tech companies in the world. This year's winning companies include startups working on e-commerce infrastructure, supply chain automation, cashierless checkout, and more.


19.11.20, RetailTrends

The importance of modern technology for the fashion industry

BNPL solutions have taken eCommerce by storm! By breaking out of the millennial niche, BNPL in its various forms has become a mainstream payment method. Gone are the days of offering customers PayPal, Credit Card and perhaps one BNPL option at checkout – online businesses are expected to have 2 or 3 options available to align with customers’ preferred BNPL providers.

Retailbiz Logo

04.11.20, retailbiz

Managing new BNPL options requires technology

BNPL solutions have taken eCommerce by storm! By breaking out of the millennial niche, BNPL in its various forms has become a mainstream payment method. Gone are the days of offering customers PayPal, Credit Card and perhaps one BNPL option at checkout – online businesses are expected to have 2 or 3 options available to align with customers’ preferred BNPL providers.


28.10.20, TechTarget

Headless CMS powers personalized, omnichannel eCommerce

The headless content management system is an appealing way to deliver content quickly and efficiently, especially for e-commerce companies, whose customers expect content across a variety of different channels.

ticker TV

15.10.20, Ticker Spotlight: Headless Commerce

Ticker Spotlight: Headless Commerce

Hear from commercetools Sales Manager, Josh Emblin, how headless commerce is providing flexibility, scalability and agility to businesses so they can pivot quickly, respond to changing demands, and go live with new business models in a fraction of the time as with older commerce platforms.


18.09.20, ITProPortal

Covid-19 – What is the lasting impact on commerce and lesson for online retailers?

Covid-19 was an unprecedented global event, but it won’t be the last unexpected crisis to occur. Retailers not only need to rethink technology for the sake of recovering from the fallout of coronavirus, they also need to do so to be better prepared for any future shocks that arise.

CSA - Chain Store Age

17.09.20, Chain Store Age

Retailer Reality Check: Are You Good at Digital Commerce?

Many large retailers make the costly assumption that since they have an eCommerce site where consumers can purchase most if not all of their products, they’re good at digital commerce. This may have been true 15 years ago, but it’s far from true today.

Financial IT Logo

28.08.20, Financial IT

Headless wins Gartner's support, as commercetools is recognised as a 'Leader' in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for digital commerce report

Headless eCommerce is confirmed as a core digital technology now and for the future. Profound partner and next-generation commerce platform commercetools is awarded 'Leader' status in The 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce published this week. The report shows commercetools’ recognition advance from visionary to leader, cementing headless ecommerce's status as the technology for today and tomorrow's world.


26.08.20, EMERCE

The online supermarket cannot do without highly scalable technology

Due to the outbreak of the corona virus, online shopping has risen sharply in a short time. If the penetration rate increased step by step to 18 percent between October 2015 and October 2019, this is now 24 percent, according to a study by knowledge platform Supermarkt & Ruimte. The COVID-19 crisis has thus proved to be a wake-up call for supermarkets to properly evaluate their online channel and adjust it if necessary.

inside FMGC Logo

12.08.20, inside FMGC

Flexible and scalable solutions for 21st Century grocery shopping

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to e-commerce – the right fit requires analysis of existing environments, along with exploration of strategic long-term objectives. Through the pandemic, however, Australian grocery retailers operating monolithic commerce systems have been forced to re-examine how they engage customers and are quickly realising how headless architecture can help achieve a seamless online shopping experience.

Power Retail Logo

06.08.20, Power Retail

Thinking of Pivoting to eCommerce? Read This First

Pivoting to an online platform is a daunting experience. We’ve asked a series of e-commerce experts to help make the move as seamless as possible, and offer advice for retailers to pivot from physical to online stores during Stage Four restrictions. For retailers without a multichannel offering, this is the perfect time to pivot to online during the crisis. But how do you do it in an effective, seamless and cost-effective manner?


27.07.20, Silicon.co.uk

COVID Commerce: How Retailing Will Be Reshaped By The Pandemic

COVID-19 may have changed the retail landscape forever. What will retailing look like in a post-COVID-19 world? Will the high street be able to survive and, how will retailers evolve their strategic use of the omnichannel? Brad Soo, Product Manager at commercetools, shared his opinion.

Power Retail Logo

22.06.20, Power Retail

Why Headless Commerce is Essential for Retail Survival in 2020

In the modern world, providing retailers with a flexible and agile platform is one of the essential tools to create a successful e-commerce business and develop a robust CX. Headless commerce and microservice oriented services offer a myriad of uses for e-commerce platforms. We sat down with Joshua David Emblin, Territory Sales Manager for commercetools ANZ, to discuss the power of headless commerce and how it can impact retailers in everyday use.

22.06.20, WhaTech

To Seize Post-COVID 19 Opportunities Retailers Need to Go ‘Headless’

As the government prepares to ease the restrictions imposed on our movements, we’re entering more uncharted territory as we prepare to navigate post-COVID 19 waters. However, as we emerge from the pandemic licking our wounds, there are brave, new opportunities for the taking by those with the capabilities to explore and adapt quickly. Discover the five very straightforward benefits to a headless approach for retail businesses.

Retailbiz Logo

20.05.20, Retailbiz

Retailers need to go ‘headless’ to seize post-COVID 19 opportunities

As the government prepares to ease the restrictions imposed on our movements, we’re entering more uncharted territory as we prepare to navigate post-COVID 19 waters. However, as we emerge from the pandemic licking our wounds, there are brave, new opportunities for the taking by those with the capabilities to explore and adapt quickly. There are five very straightforward benefits to a headless approach for retail businesses and the first of those is customisation.


01.05.20, RE: PLATFORM Podcast

commercetools: Talking API-first eCommerce

Paul and James are joined by Brad and Martin from commercetools, who answer a host of questions about the commercetools platform, their eco-system, the benefits of using an API first platform and much more!

twinkle magazine logo

01.04.20, Twinkle (Netherlands)

Marketplaces and eCommerce: Which lessons can be learned?

Due to the corona crisis, Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce marketplace, recently decided to limit sales of non-essential products to ensure distribution and logistics in times of crisis. For parties using marketplaces to sell their products, their business has come to a standstill. And now it is unclear how long the effects of this crisis will be felt, for many of them the question is whether they are able to survive.

E-Commerce Times Logo

16.03.20, E-Commerce Times

Food and E-Commerce: A Healthy Outlook

Consumers were becoming increasingly comfortable with the idea of ordering food online, either for pick up or home delivery, even before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Now many more shoppers are turning to online grocery shopping for the first time. The advent of new technologies and strategies is helping to make online food shopping convenient and stress-free, and perhaps even enjoyable.

B&T logo

16.03.20, B&T

Lessons we can learn from the Dot-Com crash

With so much news on the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on the global economy, it was very easy to forget last week marked the anniversary of another global event. 20 years ago, the world watched the dot-com bubble ‘burst’ with the once-booming online market dropping around 75 percent in six months. But the timing of the 20th anniversary is hard to ignore and it does raise the questions – are there any lessons to be learned?

Microsoft Azure

22.02.19, Microsoft Azure

Running an eCommerce system in Azure (and more)

In this episode, we speak with Kelly Goetsch, who is Chief Product Officer at commercetools. We touch on current and emerging trends in retail and hear how data-informed decisions can change a company culture. Further, discuss commercetools and their offering of APIs to retailers who are building their own eCommerce sites that live on commercetool's platform.

Customer Talk Logo

17.02.20, Customer Talk (Netherlands)

The role of new technology in an omnichannel proposition

Today's critical and empowered consumers increasingly expect retailers. If you want to continue to meet customer expectations as a company, you must understand the urgency of the expectations and anticipate them. In view of the customer journey of the future, it makes sense to look at the role that technology can play in establishing a good omnichannel proposition. With new technology, you can surprise and disappoint customers.

Charged Logo

10.02.20, Charged.

Headless Commerce: Why everything will soon be completely on the cloud

It may come as a surprise to many to hear that Amazon, one of the biggest and most successful retailers on earth, gets around half of its revenues from operations which have very little to do with retail. In fact, most of its key rivals in retail and technology, including Alibaba, Google and Microsoft also owe huge chunks of their yearly revenues to this new technology which promises to fundamentally change the way the internet works.

23.01.20, Information Age

Reality of enterprise VR and AR boosted by Masters of Pie

Featuring comments from CPO Kelly Goetsch. "The impact of AR and VR will be as big as the internet".

22.01.20, Technology Business Today


"As smaller eCommerce businesses move to modern systems which were born in the cloud, they are also beginning to take full advantage by becoming multitenant." says UK Business Director James Dye, who shares his thoughts on opportunities in eCommerce.

20.01.20, The Business Times

Looking into the crystal ball

The article about two predictions in 2020 featuring Managing Director APAC Clara Lim. "The recent successes of Singles’ Day proves that eCommerce will continue its exponential rise in 2020."

09.01.20, TechTrade Asia

Rebooting retail in 2020

CPO Kelly Goetsch's is featured in TechTrade Asia blog, where he states "The next decade will see the continued polarisation of retail into two markets, value and premium, and the exit of midmarket players."

07.01.20, Computer Weekly

commercetools: how GraphQL works for front-end developers

Adrian Bridgwater the new book of Kelly Goetsch, chief product officer at commercetools and author of GraphQL for Modern Commerce (O’Reilly, 2020) argues why developers need to take notice of GraphQL in 2020.

02.01.20, Innovation & Tech Today

The Pathway to In-Car Connected Commerce

Margaret Rea wrote about The Pathway to In-Car Connected Commerce. "It’s only a matter of time before voice-driven, in-car commerce becomes a common practice for everything from buying dinner on the commute home from work to making a grocery pickup after the Saturday soccer game."

twinkle magazine logo

03.02.20, Twinkle (Netherlands)

How headless can contribute to faster transformation

Some companies are good at dealing with the uncertainty of the 'new' customer; they continue to focus on things he considers important. These companies have one thing in common: they are flexible. At least, that is the opinion of the expert group Headless & Omnichannel Commerce of ShoppingTomorrow. Below you can read a summary of the bluepaper provided by the experts involved.

17.12.19, Raconteur / The Times

Are voice payments all hype?

Our UK Business Director James Dye is featured in Raconteur's 'Future of Retail' report also distributed in The Times. Find out about his thoughts on digital commerce & voice commerce.

DevOps Online

17.12.19, DevOps Online

GraphQL: what front-end e-commerce software developers and architects need to know

GraphQL is becoming a popular standard for e-commerce due to the reduction in time and amount of code needed for front-end developers. But what is GraphQL and what do users need to know before diving in?

Logo CIO Advisor

02.12.19, CIO Advisor

commercetools - Taking Businesses to MACH1: Microservices. API-first. Cloud-Native. Headless.

Taking businesses to MACH1. Article featured our CEO Dirk Hoerig talking about how to revolutionize commerce technology with microservices, API-first, cloud-native and headless approach.

02.12.19, The Business Times

The game changers

Guest comment by Clara Lim, Managing Director APAC, on the exponential growth of eCommerce as one of the most significant changes in the last decade.


26.11.19, TechCrunch Japan

E-commerce support VTEX raised about 15 billion yen from SoftBank funds

Currently, e-commerce accounts for 14% of all retail sales. As the industry grows, so too does the value of startups developing tools that enable companies to sell online. commercetools got mentioned in this article.

twinkle magazine logo

08.11.19, Twinkle (Netherlands)

Digitale voorman GrandVision over platformstrategie ‘We moesten anticiperen op disruptie’

Dat zei Kunal Mukherjee-Chakraborty op Modern Commerce Day, georganiseerd door commercetools. Die Duitse softwareaanbieder opende begin vorig jaar een kantoor in Amsterdam, waar Steven Fockema Andreae de dagelijkse leiding heeft. In het Bimhaus kwamen gisteren partners en klanten van commercetools uit binnen- en buitenland aan het woord, waaronder ook vertegenwoordigers van Danone, Google, Eurail, REWE en Lego.

Chraged Retail Logo

07.11.19, Charged Retail

Top 5 emerging trends in Modern Commerce, according to the experts

Modern commerce will be defined by cloud-based flexible digital platforms, according to Gartner’s senior digital analyst Mike Lowndes. Speaking at commercetools annual Modern Commerce Day in Amsterdam, Lowndes explained [...] how commerce platforms are built as a key development. Amid the shift to “headless” commerce structures, AI, AR and VR and increasing personalisation are also set to play a major role in commerce in the coming years.


05.11.19, Dealerscope

Five Reasons Retailers Should Consider Headless Commerce

Headless commerce [...] allows retailers to be able to make every customer touchpoint shoppable. If your strategy revolves around growing your brand and staying relevant for digital consumers, consider these five benefits of headless commerce. Guest article by Margaret Rea.

emerce logo

21.10.19, EMERCE (Netherlands)

commercetools tekent deal van 130 miljoen euro met Insight Partners om wereldwijde groei te versnellen

commercetools, een toonaangevende leverancier van next-generation e-commercesoftware, heeft 130 miljoen euro ontvangen van durfkapitaal- en private-equity-bedrijf Insight Partners. De financiële injectie zal gebruikt worden ter ondersteuning van de plannen van commercetools voor verdere groei in de VS, Azië-Pacific en Europa.


21.10.19, TechCrunch

commercetools raises $145M from Insight for Shopify-style e-commerce APIs for large enterprises

commercetools, a German startup that provides a set of APIs that power e-commerce sales and related functions for large businesses, has raised $145 million (€130 million) in a growth round of funding led by Insight Partners, at a valuation that we understand from a close source is around $300 million.


07.10.19, POS TECHNOLOGY - Bauve Medien

Technical requirements for a successful customer experience

Today it is no longer enough to offer the lowest price or the best assortment. To be successful in the long run you have to offer your target groups an outstanding customer experience. But what exactly is such a customer experience that permanently binds buyers to a company? Article written by Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer and Dirk Hoerig.

Research and Markets.Logo

30.07.19, Research and Markets

Commerce Cloud Market - Global Forecast 2024

Major vendors offering commerce cloud software and services across the globe include commercetools. The study includes an in-depth competitive analysis of these key players in the commerce cloud market, with their company profiles, recent developments, and key market strategies.


22.07.19, TEST Magazine

Chatbots & APIs for better customer experience

To meet growing consumer demand, how will retailers take advantage of application programming interfaces to integrate more intelligent and powerful chatbots into their eCommerce systems and platforms? Guest article by CPO Kelly Goetsch.


10.07.19, ITProPortal

Making innovative retail a reality with VR/AR

How can brands and retailers capitalise on virtual reality and augmented reality? Our CPO Kelly Goetsch shares his thoughts on how to enhance the retail experience with virtual reality and augmented reality.

05.07.19, Verdict

Amazon at 25: What could the next 25 years have in store?

Retail gaint Amazon turning 25! James Dye, UK business director at commercetools believes that Amazon will continue its conquest into the world of healthcare in the years to come. Find out more on his thoughts on Amazon's upcoming disruptions.

06.06.19, Compare the Cloud

AI is on the shopping list for retailers

The growth of AI in retail doesn’t need to end in disillusionment. Its success will depend on how retailers have migrated from legacy to new modern commerce platforms that can accommodate and maximise new technologies like AI and omnichannel strategies seamlessly. James Dye, our Business Director UK, shares his thought on AI in retail.

02.05.19, Adapt Blog

Headless ecommerce is customer experience ecommerce

The world of ecommerce is moving fast. By now consumers are used to consuming content and making purchases through a multitude of touch points – including everything from IoT devices to progressive web apps, and legacy ecommerce platforms are having a hard time keeping up with the ever-increasing demands of customers. Adapt about commercetools' headless platform.

24.04.19, Internet Retailing

Boohoo and Primark show fashion growing both online and in-store

Fashion retailers Boohoo and Primark have both reported better than expected sales – highlighting how both online fast fashion and in-store are thriving. Click and collect enables the convenience of e-commerce, while not cannibalising store sales, according to James Dye, UK Business Director at commercetools.


Click and Collect move makes sense for Primark

Recent media reports have suggested that Primark is pondering a Click and Collect option. This would be an interesting move for the value focused fashion retailer, bearing in mind that it previously unsuccessfully trialled e-commerce with Asos. However, a Click and Collect offering suits its focus on a physical store experience, according to James Dye, UK Business Director at commercetools.

10.01.19, Internet Retailing

GUEST COMMENT Immersive commerce: now is the time for retailers to invest in AR and VR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are on the Verge of Breaking into the Mainstream – and retailers can ignore these technologies no longer. So what exactly are they, what do they offer and how can retailers make them work? Guest comment from our CPO Kelly Goetsch.


28.03.19, Retail Trends (Netherlands)

Wanneer chatbots en API’s voor een betere klantervaring zorgen

Al sinds de jaren zestig zijn chatbots een manier om een menselijk gesprek na te bootsen. Eliza zag in 1964 het licht en was een van de eerste en bekendste virtuele assistenten. Tegenwoordig zijn er ook stemgestuurde assistenten zoals Alexa, de Google Assistent, Siri en Cortana (Microsoft). Dit zijn chatbots die gesproken tekst vertalen naar geschreven tekst en andersom. Maar om via chatbots een betere customer experience te bieden en uiteindelijk producten te verkopen, is er meer nodig dan een script.


27.03.19, Retail TouchPoints (RTP)

Exclusive Q&A: How Express Caught Up To E-Commerce Competition After A Late Start

At Express, we’ve went from releasing new software once a month to a new release every day with the commercetools platform. We’re able to do that through different software stacks and we’re embracing microservices and continuous integration. There’s never the idea of rolling back software anymore, it just constantly rolls forward in small iterations.

cxo.nl logo

14.03.19, CXO.NL (Netherlands)

Voice commerce druppelt de Nederlandse huishoudens binnen

Hé Google, hé Siri, hé Alexa! De opkomst van spraakgestuurde assistenten is inmiddels vergevorderd. De voorspelling is dat 74 miljoen Amerikanen in 2019 een slimme speaker hebben. Dankzij de komst van Google Home naar Nederland in 2018, druppelt de trend nu ook Nederlandse huishoudens binnen.

15.01.19, NetComm Suisse

Power of Five with commercetools

"Is it really eCommerce if you’re not selling online? We think so. Going through multiple touchpoints in a sales cycle shouldn’t only connect systems; it has to connect business models." – Interview with Hauke Rahm, our Head of Customer Success, in the series "Power of Five" about how our cutting-edge platform helps retailers embrace digitization with ease.

03.12.18, T-Systems BEST PRACTICE.

“Digitization? − A Single Continuum” – Best Practice

Dr. Robert Zores, CTO of REWE digital, and Christoph Günther, Director of Key Account Management at T-Systems, on voice commerce, the convenience of shopping in the future and how lateral thinking increases efficiency.

04.10.18, CMS-Connected

Thought Leadership from Vendors in the Gartner MQ for eCommerce

"We see almost everyone going headless these days, meaning the user interface (web, mobile, kiosk, etc) is built/deployed/managed separately from the underlying commerce platform. The two have completely different release cycles, with the commerce platform exposing APIs and the front-end (whether custom or a packaged Digital Experience Platform) consuming those APIs and building compelling and consistent channel and device-specific experiences." – Kelly Geotsch, commercetools

03.10.18, CMS-Connected

commercetools CEO on Global Enterprise Expansion

"As the pace of change is increasing dramatically, companies need to roll out new features and business models faster than ever. We provide them with technology that both integrates seamlessly with existing systems and that can also be customized with almost any programming language." – Dirk Hoerig, commercetools


29.08.18, Techzine, (Netherlands)

De rol van API’s in het post-webtijdperk

Nu retailers de consument via tal van verschillende kanalen zoeken en vinden, komt er ook en eind aan de traditionele webshop-software. De traditionele webshop-oplossingen focussen namelijk maar op één ding:


25.06.18, Retail TouchPoints (RTP)

Retailers: Is Your Technology Ready for Generation Z?

They are the first digitally native generation, born into a world of smartphones, social media and instant messaging. Their generational forebears, the Millennials, may have pioneered the mobile revolution, but these post-Millennials have never known anything else. Meet Generation Z, the next big retail disrupter.


23.04.18, RTIH

Salmon announces commercetools tie up

E-commerce consultancy Salmon is teaming with cloud-based platform provider commercetools. The agreement makes it commercetools’ first full-service digital partner in the UK.


06.06.17, destination CRM

Commercetools Announces Social Media Commerce Connector

Social Media Commerce Connector lets companies start their marketing/sales processes on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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16.03.17, CMS-Connected

commercetools' Kelly Goetsch Discusses Digital Gatekeepers

CMS-Connected reached out to Kelly Goetsch, Chief Product Officer at commercetools, who recently hosted a webinar featuring Thomas Husson, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester on the emerging new touchpoints between retailers and consumers.


08.03.17, Apparel

How Carhartt WIP Gets Content and Commerce Right

In summer 2014, Carhartt WIP decided to consolidate its online presence and tap into new sales channels. The aim was to eliminate the separation of the brand website on the one hand and the web shop on the other to offer customers a uniform presence as part of a content-commerce strategy.


19.01.17, IT Business

New Adobe software features help retailers deliver a more personalized experience

Today’s customers are more connected – and have higher expectations – than ever before, and Adobe Systems Inc. wants to help retailers meet their demands. Adobe unveiled a series of product partnerships and features for its various software platforms aimed at helping retailers deliver a more personalized, omnichannel experience.


19.01.17, Women’s Wear Daily

Getting Techie: Top Platforms, Products at NRF 2017

Retail’s Big Show debuted a smattering of services from approachable robots to trackable products in order to enhance the experience of the all-powerful consumer.


18.01.17, MarTechToday

Adobe Marketing Cloud adds features, partnerships to bring brick-and-mortar deeper into digital

At the National Retail Federation (NRF) show in New York City, Adobe announced several new initiatives to improve the digitization of brick-and-mortar retailing. In addition to those feature additions, Adobe wass also unveiling several interesting partnerships.