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Integration friendly – Content and commerce working together

To create compelling digital experiences, you need to be able to give shoppers engaging personalized content and a smooth shopping experience. It’s not always easy to integrate a CMS and shop system, but Magnolia’s ready-built connector to commercetools allows you to use the two systems together quickly and easily. Magnolia also enables you to pull information from your analytics and CRM systems to help you understand and track customer behavior, so that you can segment customers and give them personalized offers.

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Speed – Content and commerce working together

Magnolia makes it easy for marketing teams to manage campaigns without developer assistance. Customers won’t wait months, or even weeks, for your online offers to change. You can set up microsites and landing pages within minutes, while still maintaining consistency in style and format.

Magnolia allows you to manage content, campaigns and millions of digital assets easily and from any device. This makes it possible for you to swiftly create campaigns using a combination of Magnolia content and digital assets from commercetools and other systems. Magnolia’s Campaign Publisher module enables teams to keep a large number of campaign elements together and go live with a couple of clicks.

At the same time, commercetools’ microservices structure makes it possible to flexibly integrate and scale commerce modules to make online stores more dynamic and easier to handle, enabling a faster time-to-market.

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Multi-channel experiences for multi-national brands

Use Magnolia and commercetools to create powerful multi-channel experiences for your customers. Magnolia takes your single source content and automatically applies a mobile theme. This renders your content suitable for mobile devices and any other formats you wish to define. This allows you to create once, publish everywhere, making life just that little bit easier.

Magnolia is built for multi-channel, multi-language and multi-site digital experiences. It gives you a single platform to manage multiple languages and brands, while allowing you to customize and adapt your content and sites for local markets. Magnolia allows you to manage and serve up content in multiple languages, making it easier for you to manage multinational sites.

The new commercetools social media solution makes it easy to publish your content and products to any social media channel – seamlessly, within minutes. In addition, conversational commerce is not just a phrase to us – you can already put it into practice. The commercetools API gives you easy access to all commerce data and processes, such as products and orders, so you can integrate voice devices into your customer journey in no time. Or put simply: Be where your customers are and delight them with exceptionally good experiences.

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Personalization to increase conversions

Magnolia makes it easy to serve up personalized content to your customers, based on their search history, as well as on their customer information stored in other systems. Marketing teams can use cookies to track the journey of website visitors, e.g. if they are new or returning visitors, or if they click on a certain landing page or submit a form.

Magnolia also makes it easier to personalize without creating new content. Its unique content app system allows editors to manage and reuse content on different areas on their websites, by applying tags that match visitor attributes like their interests, age or geographical location.

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