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Hiring Q&A

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Our recruitment process

Guess what, we have no one-size-fits-all recruitment process! Realizing the different needs of each team and the distinctness of each applicant, we commit to tailoring a process that fits our and your needs. The process may look different, depending on the location to which you are applying. The goal is to create a quick and painless recruitment experience where everyone involved gets a chance to know each other. You are not a fan of not knowing what comes next? No worries, our recruiter is your trusted partner every step of the way to keep you informed about the next step.


How can I apply?2021-01-12T10:04:05+01:00

Just visit our Career Page, select the job that meets your skills and preferences best and click on the “APPLY” button. On the following page you will be asked to fill out a form with your data and to upload your CV (optional: cover letter and certificates). For Engineering positions please include a link to your public profile (Github, Stackoverflow, etc.) with some code samples. For Design positions we would love to take a look at your portfolio. You will also need to accept the data privacy statement – and then the process can start.

Does commercetools offer support with my visa process?2021-01-12T08:53:48+01:00

For our German entities, we have experts inside and outside the company helping our future employees to have a smooth process. Our relocation agency assists and supports the application procedures for visas and work permits globally. They coordinate and manage the process with the relevant authorities on your behalf.

For other entities, we unfortunately cannot offer visa sponsorship at the moment.

Which application formats do you prefer?2021-01-12T10:04:47+01:00

Please use​ PDF/ Word format ​when you upload your documents. At commercetools we only accept online applications. Attachment size per file should not exceed 25MB.

What does commercetools offer to students?2021-01-12T09:06:37+01:00

You can contribute to the future of eCommerce even as a student! ​Be prepared to be thrown in at the deep end, but don’t worry, we will give you a life jacket! We see our students as fully valued team members. We know that additional experience outside of the lecture hall will be of great use to you, and that’s why we offer you the playground to sharpen your craft. On top of that you will emerge in an international team full of open-minded individuals with passion for their jobs, flexible working hours (we know what it is like to prepare for an exam), and fresh fruit, and coffee every day. Most importantly, we offer fair compensation for your work.

How does the onboarding process work?2021-01-12T08:59:13+01:00

We implemented a structured onboarding process, which guides you through the first months (up to your probation period). On your first day you will get an office tour and a “ready-to-work” HR onboarding, which will tell you more about our culture, and how we work. Afterwards, you will get to know your ​team members and supervisor​, as well as your ​mentor​, who will be supporting you on a technical level. Your ​buddy​ will integrate you into our company culture and values. During the first weeks, you will have several onboarding sessions with the founders, C-Level, and other colleagues from different departments to get a really good overview of our company vision, our technical vision, our product, and the landscape of commerce software, etc.

Is it possible to gain full-time employment after my time as a working student?2021-01-12T09:07:03+01:00

Depending on our yearly headcount planning, we love to offer our working students who have great great potential full-time employment. In fact, a lot of our current team members started as working students and decided to stay with us after getting their degrees.

I’m not a citizen of the countries where commercetools office is – can I apply for a job anyway?2021-01-12T10:07:14+01:00

For the candidates from abroad who wish to work in one of our German entities, we do offer visa sponsorship and would love to welcome you on board! Currently, for other entities (the Netherlands, the UK, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland) we cannot offer visa sponsorship and a legal working visa in the above countries is a prerequisite.

Can I also work part-time, remote, or as a freelancer?2021-01-12T08:59:54+01:00

Part-time: Possibly, as long as the workload of the position can be achieved within a part-time arrangement. Please reach out to us so we can discuss in more detail.

Freelancer: Please keep an eye on our job board for freelance positions. A freelance contract also serves as a temporary solution for our permanent employees abroad whose visa process to Germany takes longer than expected.

Remote: In the countries where commercetools has a legal entity, we could hire you directly, and depending on the needs of the team and the position, remote work is therefore possible.

In which languages should my application be ?2021-01-12T10:30:43+01:00

We strongly recommend that you apply in ​English​. For positions that require German competency, feel free to submit your application in German.

Does commercetools offer training and personnel development?2021-01-12T09:01:21+01:00

Continuous learning is one of our values! We support our employees in continuing their education on an individual level as well as on team and company levels. This support would include external trainings, workshops, e-learning materials, conferences and more. Furthermore we encourage knowledge transfer within the company through inhouse training, “Lunch & Learn”, tech talks, tech time, pair programming and job rotation. In addition, we developed a Mentorship Program which enables more experienced employees to share their knowledge with other colleagues on a regular basis.

Is there a screening call with the recruiters?2021-01-12T10:09:43+01:00

Yes. We now have screening calls for all the positions. If we are interested in your background, our recruiter will engage with you in a 30-minute call to get to know you better and for you to get to know us. We see it as a conversation rather than an interview. We would love to discuss your career development so far and your motivation to work at commercetools. We will also discuss some certain expectations about the position and are happy to answer any questions.

Are there assessment/coding tests?2021-02-03T18:03:31+01:00

It depends on the position:

  • If you are applying for a tech position, mostly yes. We give a short coding task that can be done within a few hours. We appreciate quality over speed and will give you enough time to complete the task at home so you don’t have to rush. However, for certain positions, a coding task is not part of the process. Our recruiter will make sure you stay informed.
  • Sometimes we may ask you to prepare and hold a presentation. This is applicable for client-facing positions which require excellent communication skills.
  • For other non-tech roles: depending on the nature of the position, we might ask you to complete a small task. For example: for the position of a technical writer, we would ask you to complete a writing assessment.
What should I wear for a F2F interview?2021-01-12T10:13:44+01:00

In our office, we do not have a dress code. We encourage you to be yourself. Wear anything that makes you comfortable so you can give your best in the interview. For sales-related or client-facing positions we ask you to dress as you would for a meeting with a customer.

FAQ United States

How can I apply?2021-01-12T10:32:08+01:00

Once you click the “APPLY” button in the job posting, you will be directed to upload your resume and fill out a questionnaire. This helps us get to know you better!

Which application formats do you prefer? ​2021-01-12T10:06:38+01:00

We prefer Word or PDF format

I’m not a US citizen – can I apply for a job anyway?2021-01-12T10:08:08+01:00

At this time, we are only accepting resumes from candidates who do not need sponsorship now or in the future.

In which languages should my application be?2021-01-12T10:31:22+01:00


Is there a screening call with the recruiters?2021-03-23T18:46:41+01:00

Yes, every role starts out with a 30-minute recruiter phone interview and will have a team interview component. However, some roles have assessments/tasks to complete. Don’t worry, your recruiter will make sure you know the process for your role!

How many interview rounds should I expect?2021-01-12T10:11:11+01:00

While each role varies, you can expect 2-3 rounds total including phone screens and team interviews.

Are there assessment/coding tests?2021-01-12T10:13:15+01:00

Yes, for most of our technical roles there is an assessment. We know you are busy so we just ask you to complete it when it’s convenient for you.

What should I wear for a F2F interview?2021-01-12T10:14:37+01:00

We have a casual entire in the office, but we want you to feel comfortable. Whether you feel comfortable in khaki’s or a power suit, it’s up to you!

Does commercetools offer support with my visa process?2021-01-12T08:52:18+01:00

Currently, we are only able to accept resumes for candidates who do not need sponsorship now or in the future.

How does the onboarding process work?2021-01-12T08:57:17+01:00

Currently, while everyone is working from home during covid-19, we are doing all onboardings remotely. This includes all your new hire paperwork, which will be sent to you via DocuSign. When back in the office, your first day will consist of meetings with HR and your team to get you settled in and answer any questions you may have.

Can I also work part-time, remote, or as a freelancer?2021-01-12T09:00:53+01:00

We believe that being in the office fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration. All of our open positions are located in the Durham, NC office unless otherwise noted on the job posting. At this time, we do not have any roles open for part-time or freelance.

Does commercetools offer training and personnel development?2021-01-12T09:02:14+01:00

Yes, we believe that constant learning and development is the key to great team members and growth. You will work with your direct manager on programs that are best for you!

What opportunities does commercetools offer to students?2021-01-12T10:40:02+01:00
We are currently working on the details for a 2021 summer internship. Stay tuned for more details.

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