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New demand for home delivery from grocers, restaurants and retailers is exposing weak links in e-commerce platforms that aren’t built to scale causing late deliveries, mixed-up orders and upset customers. We believe there’s a better way, one that liberates businesses to scale limitlessly to experience digital commerce that is faster, more intuitive and more powerful.


Unstoppable Digital Commerce

In the highly regulated food industry, the challenges of fast-moving consumer goods are the same as in-store retail. For 24/7 sales, retailers need to quickly adjust orders and processing, and have a fully integrated online and in-store omnichannel strategy. commercetools enables seamless shopping experiences across all channels with a microservices architecture.

Many food and grocery retailers are feeling the pain from rigid and outdated eCommerce platforms: Legacy architectures lock them into cookie-cutter customer experiences, constrain creativity and customer responsiveness, and are too difficult and slow to upgrade. commercetools takes a different approach, offering a catalog of over 300 APIs that customers can use to make unique, innovative digital commerce experiences and upgrades in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

Unstoppable digital commerce for grocery
API-first commerce for grocery

Products: Accurate inventory with an API-first approach

To maintain up-to-the minute in-store inventory you need fast, flexible software. Grocers and food retailers on restrictive, slow-moving legacy platforms can’t update fast enough, leading to fulfillment delays, inaccurate information and disgruntled customers. commercetools is powering the future of e-commerce, with unprecedented agility that gives businesses competitive runway. The commercetools’ 100% cloud native API-first and headless approach lets you iterate and launch faster — multiple releases every week rather than months to develop and deploy with legacy commerce systems. And the catalog management features make quick pivots a breeze.

Presentation: Customize and pivot with headless architecture

These days, you can’t just offer an online menu – you must create hunger for your products. With its headless architecture, commercetools allows you to separate the front end and back end of your customer experience without disrupting ongoing business. This gives you the flexibility to experiment with new functionality and business models, discovering what resonates best with your customers. Whether it’s offering recipes with the “add to shopping cart” option or using storytelling to promote dishes, presentation is everything and commercetools gives you greater control over what users experience across their entire journey.

Headless commerce for grocery
commerce software for grocery

Personalization: Endless possibilities enabled by software

Today’s shoppers have their own personal tastes and preferences, which should be served up online. With older commerce platforms, marketing teams don’t have control over customer data to create customized profiles, for example, with saved information about dietary restrictions, food allergies, preferred brands, organic vs. non, etc. With commercetools’ network of headless integration partners, companies have full control over their brands and customer experiences, while delivering personalization that grows brand loyalty.

White Paper: How to overcome new challenges in the food industry

grocery commerce white paper

In this white paper, we explore major changes in the traditional food and grocery industry, outlining which requirements commerce platforms should have to better meet new and emerging online demands. We also review challenges that online grocers and food retailers are facing due to new consumer expectations.


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Fashion Industry White Paper

Since 1929, has grown into the leading online purveyor of nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate. In this video, learn why decided to migrate off their 20-year-old monolithic platform and what led them to choosing commercetools’ technology to provide them with the eCommerce capability required to support their growing digital business.

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