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BloomReach commercetools connector

Replacing a rigid commerce platform with an integrated UI with a more flexible, componentized architecture built on microservices provides maximum agility and speed. Move to a martech architecture that helps you roll out innovations at the speed of wow.

BloomReach DXP for commercetools

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Smart Commerce API

Quickly and easily make every moment shoppable; add shopping functionality for today’s devices and channels as well as for those we have not yet imagined.

Cloud Native

Deliver infinite elasticity and real-time scalability so your customers and sales never have to suffer system outages or bandwidth degradation—even with the highest seasonal spikes or unexpected site traffic.


Use our flexible commerce building blocks to gain speed and assemble your customized applications. Choose from hundreds of microcomponents, each with a dedicated functionality. Plus, release new features and functionality on a daily basis instead of waiting for the next full-platform release.

Beyond Traditional Web Shopping

Web, Mobile, POS, Social, IoT: Engage and convert your customers on any channel, with any device, from one single platform.

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Digital Experience Platform

Go beyond simply organizing and managing online content with an integrated DXP that allows sharing of assets across any digital touchpoint – online, in-store, billboard, kiosks, customer portals, or ecommerce system.

Microservices and APIs Enable Rapid Innovation

The BloomReach DXP is complementary to the commercetools commerce platform in that it is built on APIs and in a microservices style. Quickly and easily create connected customer experiences using multiple digital touchpoints for every customer, everyday Everywhere. Empower the marketing team and enable the IT team to deliver innovative new features and business processes as well as test and deploy new commerce channels in days vs. weeks or months with all-in-one monolithic solutions.

Site Search/Merchandising

Intelligent, AI-powered site search and merchandising tools that personalize the experience and help merchandisers easily A/B test their decisions to check their intuition.

Benefits of Headless Commerce

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Drive innovation and increase agility by decoupling your applications


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