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API Commerce Platform by commercetools

Modern APIs are at the core of digital commerce. They are the glue that connects applications and things and allow organizations to develop new business opportunities. Using our future-ready, commerce API, brands and retailers gain the flexibility to create new experiences for all digital touchpoints.


“We are stitching and knitting experiences using their microservices.” – EXPRESS

Migration to commercetools

Migration Guide

Moving from a monolithic commerce platform to commercetools!
This white paper leads architects and their teams through the platform migration from a monolithic legacy commerce platform such as SAP Hybris or IBM Websphere to commercetools.


What are APIs?

APIs are contracts between different applications. They determine how to exchange data and how to structure them. If two communication partners agree on a set of rules, they can share information and allow for new functionalities to evolve. This can be used by businesses to integrate different applications as well as to communicate with smart devices.

Benefits of APIs

APIs guarantee a fast and safe exchange of information, so businesses can rely on them to connect different applications. In digital commerce, this allows brands and retailers to develop new functionalities independent of the frontend devices that their customers are using and stay prepared for the future.

Customers who trust in our APIs


Case Study MEDIMAX


Case Study Eurail.com

Just Eat Takeaway

Customer Just Eat Takeaway

Webinar: How APIs are Driving the New Commerce Landscape

API Booklet

API Booklet

This book provides readers with both a high-level understanding of APIs, as well as detailed instructions on how to model, build, deploy, and expose APIs for maximum benefit.


API White Paper

Microservices Booklet

Explore how the combination of BloomReach DX and the commercetools platform allows a seamless API integration of content and commerce elements.